Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, I feel just craptacular.

It's as if someone pumped my sinuses full of glue, and let it set. Add to that my standard lack of sleep with Babyman (the teething wonder), and I am just in top form. Yeah.

However, I thought I'd subject you to a blog post anyway, since I can only neglect this for so long and hope to retain any readership (hi, G!) at all.

Oh, and Olga: I haven't forgotten your stroller question! I'm sorry I've ignored it this long. I intend to do a blog post for you on that. Long story short, the single stroller I can recommend with experience is no longer available. I have a few other things to say on that though, so stay tuned. ;)

Of course, the problem with blogging like this (on the fly, bit by bit in between laundry loads and the dog groomer and poopy diapers and cooking lunch and a broken air conditioner and oh yeah, feeling craptacular) is that I can't focus long enough to come up with anything worthwhile to say. I have found a number of blogs I really enjoy, and they all post much more frequently than I manage. A step up in quantity AND quality. Surely they have as many obligations as I? I wonder how they do it. Whine, whine, sniff. OK I am done with that.

ANYHOW, never mind everything I just typed, and look at this cute baby:


* * *

Oh, and here is a step-by-step illustration of painstaking restoration and reconstruction of a Jan Steen painting. I knew a little bit about art restoration, but this was really interesting to me. Perhaps you might enjoy it, too.


S said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I've slowed down a bit on the blogging lately too. It's just a down cycle. Hah, I can't say that without thinking of that movie She's the One with Edward Burns, did you see that? O.k. sorry, that was random! Teething doesn't last forever, so there's always that to look forward to. We stalled out at 8, I imagine I'm in for it when it starts up again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kit, sorry to see that you are not feeling well!

For myself I'm always amazed when I read blogs written by parents - amazed that they get any writing done at all! It must be the hardest and most time consuming thing a person will ever have to do (looking after your family, not blogging!)I am not a parent and I find it hard to keep posting - I tend to sit and write my text in Word at odd moments when I have time, and I sometimes write several posts at once, then publish them gradually, one at a time. I still end up with a huge backlog of things I'd like to say though :)

Living your life and looking after your kids has to be the biggest thing you will ever do, and it won't hurt your blog if it takes a back seat while you soak up all those precious days with your kids :D

PS:- sorry for waffling, and glad to be able to comment here :D

Liz Harrell said...

I stumbled onto your blog this afternoon, I cant tell you how happy I am to find someone else who uses the word craptacular. :)

Kit said...

S- I haven't seen that movie. Should I check it out?

Bird- LOL, yes I'm glad you can comment too! It's good you called that to my attention. Thanks for stopping by! And yes, of course family's my priority. But blogging is something I do for myself, and I am trying to be better with doing some things for myself. It just bothers me when I can't do something as well as I would like! :)

Welcome, liz! I'm glad you stumbled over. Yes, "craptacular" is a wonderful word. So apt, today. :(

Thanks for the sympathy, all! Moms aren't allowed to be sick, you know. ;)

S said...

Hmm, well it's not like a terrific movie, but I saw it because it was written and directed by Edward Burns and he is awesome. It's certainly not kid friendly and the language leaves much to be desired. It's a romantic comedy but it's the two brothers and their father going back and forth that make the movie worth seeing, IMO.