Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am stealing a moment to type. Something, anything!

I am still sick. Babyman is still teething (and not really sleeping). We are back from a trip and before I know it we'll be leaving on another one. I can hardly keep up. And I miss blogging, but sleep (and the occasional shower) have precedence in the few moments I can take for myself.

Even though traveling with kids can be difficult, and preparation and unpacking almost always falls solely on my shoulders, I generally enjoy going on family trips and adventures. However: just for the record, I prefer fewer, longer trips. Lots of short yet involved trips in a short amount of time is tortuous. I can hardly catch my breath! This has been the summer of family reunions. We have no trips planned next month, and for once I am looking forward to that. Whew.

Anyhow, I have new pictures for you, and some baby/kid gear posts, and some stories to tell, and whatever else pops into my head. But right now I am going to try for a shower before Babyman wakes AGAIN.

* * *

But I'm not leaving before I give a solid thumbs-up to my newest favorite blog. Good writing. Imaginative. Funny and profound. It's all there! Enjoy.


Michelle Roebuck said...

I keep trying to block out memories of trying to decide which thing to do before "the baby" wakes again... My choices were usually between eat, sleep or potty. Showering came a dismal fourth and blogging did not exist, for me, back then.

Maybe I'll hit you up for suggestions after Peep arrives.

Kit said...

Anytime, m'dear! Just call me baby guru!
(Ok not really, but I try.) ;)