Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spring Rain

Sometimes, a rainy day is mystical. It has a soft quality, where the edges are blurred and grey shapes flit through a foggy landscape. Sometimes, a rainy day is powerful. The air is literally electric, tingling your senses and stirring instincts deep within your soul. Sometimes, a rainy day is peaceful and steady, quietly welcomed by the thirsty ground. But in the Springtime here, there are rainy days that manage to be all of those things and more- the rain is peaceful and steady, nurturing the youthful vegetation, which is just bursting into being all around. The misty edges of your vision are blurred into a gentle green illumination, like hope and remembrance bound up together in this journey's fresh beginning. And somehow, against all odds, despite all distraction and clutter and jaded perceptions, in spite of yourself, you drink deeply of the promise, and you smile.


foolery said...

I dream of rain. I crave a big, nasty, dark and noisy thunderstorm. Unfortunately, if we get any of those at all it's in the late summer, when things are tinder dry, and it's an almost guaranteed fire storm in the foothills to the east and the west of us. I've learned to stop wishing for them!

Kit said...

I love summer afternoon thunderstorms here. I used to stand on our front porch, leaning over the rail, reveling in the sheer immensity and power of it- it made me feel like leaping into the air and soaring high on the tossing wind.

But the lightning is nothing to sneeze at, so I stayed dry and grounded. (In more ways than one).