Friday, May 2, 2008

A Day at the Park

Billy and I are sick to death of suburbia. On the one hand, we hate our complete and total dependence on cars to get anywhere. Even our neighborhood is not ideal for walking or bike riding, since drivers are too fast for comfort when my preschoolers are trying to get out of the way. (Besides, there are a couple ~huff, puff~ killer ~huff~ hills.) But on the other hand we yearn for a place where our children can go out the door and play, without me worrying about them being run over by cars or picked up by a passing stranger. Though I don't have time right now for much gardening, I do enjoy it (especially vegetable gardening!) and want to retain the space to grow foodstuffs. And I have dreams of raising goats (yes, goats! As if human kids weren't enough. . .) which is generally frowned on in suburban neighborhoods. At least around here.

HOWEVER. This isn't a post just to bitch about suburbia. In fact, I was musing on one aspect of this area that we really love (besides the library system!): the parks. We LOVE the parks around here. I have a long list of really wonderful playspaces that are all a short drive (there's that car dependence, again!) from home. Now, none of them are a substitute for unstructured time in forests and wild fields, but they sure are fun, and they give us sun, fresh air and fun activity.

We had a great day not long ago in a nearby park, riding bikes (well, Littleman prefers his scooter, and I was pushing Babyman in the stroller, and Billy was alternately walking to help Sweetcheeks or riding the kids' bike to speed things up. . . which garnered some double takes and laughs from passers-by. . . but you get the idea) and playing in the grass. I just love watching my boys play outside.

As usual, Sweetcheeks was avoiding the paparazzi. Littleman gave me his ham smile. It was a gorgeous day. I was feeling great from the exercise.

Babyman explored the fascinating texture of grass.


I am so glad it's Spring.

* * *

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foolery said...

Well, everything has its trade-offs. Talk about driving to everything -- try living five miles out of town, and that town has 6000 people, three stoplights, one grocery store, and not much else! We have to drive 20 miles to the doctor, the dentist, and everything else. There are no sidewalks out in the country, so my girls haven't learned to ride their bikes, because they have to learn in the road. Some day.

The upside is, of course, wide open spaces and places to explore, but I can remember being a kid growing up here and dreaming wistfully of living in town, where everything was a bike ride away, and all roads were PAVED.


p.s. Your kids are so cute!

Kit said...

Yes, my in-laws' house is like that- it's a good thing they have a long wrap-around porch, because that's where my niece and some of my nephews first practiced on their bikes! As they got somewhat proficient they were able to practice elsewhere. At least until they moved to their own house, with a nice flat driveway!

p.s. Thank you! :)