Thursday, July 20, 2006


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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I stretch my legs out before me, rolling my shoulders back and pointing my toes toward the fire. I relax, breathing a deep sigh of warm, humid sweet mountain air. The sun has long since retired for the evening, but the moon is ripe and round, and her silvery shine mingles nicely with the golden red glow from the flames. The occasional sparks dance weightlessly up to kiss her, fading into nothingness somewhere beyond the branches overhead. I feel a little stiff from the bike ride today, but under that feeling my body has the liquid warmth I get from a good, active day- a certain suppleness that I don't realize I've been missing until I get it back. I feel good. Conversation continues around me, but I am leaning back to peer up through branches toward the winking stars. Toasty toes, cool air on my neck and the smell of wood smoke, moist forest and lingering cooking smells in my nose. The cricketts are creaking their summer song all around as the fire hisses and pops gently. We have not heard the wolves on this trip, as we once did camping here several years ago. Perhaps they are less vocal in the summer? But I sense a movement out of the corner of my eye and cock my ear for the soft whoosh of our resident wild spirit. The huge owl, like so many animals here, is relatively unconcerned with the trivial activities of the human visitors. She swoops through the campsite nightly on her hunting rounds. I get goose bumps as I watch her. A powerful totem animal, the owl. Laughter calls my attention back to our little gathering. Soon it will be time to turn in, and try to get some elusive rest this night. (Much as we are enjoying ourselves, Littleman is the only one in our little party who has been sleeping well this trip). I am tired, and the trip has been hard as well as fun. (Sometimes, more hard than fun- camping with kids is a new experience for us!) But I am grateful for this moment, for the people around me and for the memories we will carry forth from this week. I smile to myself wondering what seminal impressions we are cultivating in the kids- hopefully, they will reap the greatest rewards. Regardless, I am very glad to be here.

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