Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Monday, June 05, 2006

Current mood: good

Ahh, sand in your shorts. But what fun it is to liberate our toes and spread them joyfully into the damp grit, to dig in and sink our soles in that curious mix of Earth and Sea. There is nothing like salty breezes, carrying kites and gulls, the smell of ocean life, sunscreen and the coconut battered fried shrimp from that bar over there. The sea is still a little cool and the current startlingly strong, but the sun is warm and the wind whips our hair as we race around the blanket. Dig a shallow pool and let the tide fill it, let the sun warm it, let the baby splash in it with delighted squeals and curious exploring fingers. What a remarkable thing, wet sand! Both liquid and solid, soft and sharp, everchanging it fascinates.

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