Thursday, June 22, 2006

A little of this, a little of that

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A little of this, a little of that
Current mood: blah

Today, Simon asked for cookies. I laughed (because I don't keep cookies in the house) and said we didn't have any cookies, of course. So he whines, "I wanna go to Grandma's house!!" LOL!

Laundry stalks my dreams at night, threatening to bury me. I think it's in cahoots with the dishes. They must be procreating like rabbits, considering the speed at which dirty dishes fill the sink. Perhaps they learned how from the dog hair, which sheds from Gypsy so improbably fast it's a wonder she has any left. She must manufacture hair cells at supersonic speeds. Maybe I could learn how she does it and market the secret in a new hair tonic.

The transformative powers of music never cease to amaze me. The right songs can utterly change my perspective sometimes, allowing me to view myself from a new angle. Or sometimes, all I need is that brief ticket to an earlier time and place in my life. A little peace, a bit of smile- nostalgia has it's uses.

My fingers are rich with the scent of oranges. Yummy.

Happy Solstice, everyone! Take a moment to give thanks for our Earth who sustains us, nurtures us, tolerates us. Take a few minutes this week and pick up trash outside, or donate a little time or money to help your environment. Your great Mother needs nurturing, too.

Tonight I am grateful for bedtime, music I love, mommy friends, purring kitties (even those who are just as likely to hiss and spit at me for no reason), air conditioning, iced (green) tea and the 'big picture'.

Off to do more laundry.

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