Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Press Pause Play": A Brief Review

I just finished watching "Press Pause Play", a documentary on the current revolution in the music and film industries (with a little bit about print publishing and art thrown in). I can't say I think it's a particularly good documentary. It looks and sounds good, but it's terrible at communicating any cohesive *point*. . . other than that the industry is changing and nobody has any clue where the hell it will end up.

Still it's interesting and I already want to watch it again to revisit some of the viewpoints and quotes expressed here and there in the film. I am left with the impression that there are some very valuable things said, if I can just weed them out of the rest of the movie. I want to think further on some of the ideas. I'm glad I watched it, and I recommend it to anyone invested in the music or film industry right now. Maybe you'll be inspired to do this better. :)

PressPausePlay from House of Radon on Vimeo.

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