Thursday, November 26, 2009


I know your blog reader is probably awash in gratitude right now, but I can't let this day slide by without acknowledgment. Today is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., and regardless of the holiday's origins it is one of my favorite days of the year. Some argue that it's counter-productive to set aside one day for giving thanks, when gratitude is something we should all practice on a daily basis. While I understand that point, I don't think Thanksgiving (the holiday) precludes thanksgiving (as a daily practice). Thanksgiving is a reminder and an opportunity. (Not to mention a delicious tradition!)

Before we head to my sister-in-law's, I wanted a moment of reflection. My life is so full of blessings. Health, family, friends, food and shelter. . . so many things that fill me with wonder. I won't list them all here- some of my (walking, talking) blessings are very impatient for me to get moving. ;) I will end simply with the best possible prayer, no matter the creed or faith- the closest phrase I can think of to express this sense of fullness, wonder and gratitude:

Thank you.
Thank you.
From the depths of my being, thank you.


Grace said...

YOU are a blessing. So glad to know you and count you as a friend.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Kit said...

Oh, wow! (~sniff~) Thank you! You're definitely among my blessings. Happy Thanksgiving to you!