Friday, November 27, 2009

Babyman's First Haircut

Now that Billy has heroically figured out a way to unload pictures from my camera (since I still don't have the USB cable), I have a few illustrated blog posts in the wings. One momentous event was Babyman's first haircut!

He was less than thrilled with the experience.

He cried through most of the haircut.

"Seriously? Why do you guys do these things to me?"

He was beginning to get used to the experience, and Scooby Doo on the TV was fairly interesting. I love this picture.

All done! (Just needed a little fluffing up.) Sigh. At least he still has his curls!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww!Poor Babyman! His haircut is adorable. He looks like such a sweet little guy.

Johnny has the same enthusiasm. He did really well when we took him to a male barber versus a female stylist. I think it was more intimidating and the barber didn't really talk so Johnny knew he meant business.

Kit said...

Thanks! He is sweet.

I was surprised by how much he hated the experience, because the other two boys did great at this hair place. Oh, well. I'm betting next time won't be so traumatic. :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Babyman! The pics are really adorable! I think at the beginning he was very thrilled but then all was okay. I love all the photos especially that when he's watching Scooby Doo! Great blog!