Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mom Mouth

WHY are you wiping your mouth on your shirt?!? You have a napkin! Stop that. Face forward. Put a bite in your mouth. Do NOT throw things in your brother's food. If your tummy hurts, then I guess you shouldn't have dessert. That's fine with me. Are you finished? Give me those toys. Put a bite of food in your mouth. (to Babyman) You want another cracker? Oh, nice "please"! Here you go. (in response to Mr. Sweetcheeks' question) The colors on the pen are just to advertise the hotel. Now EAT! Littleman that's rude. Stop it. Take a BITE of food! Face forward. Feet to yourself. Put that down. Take a bite. No you may not. Face FORWARD. Take a BITE. Yes, it's a Daddy song. Don't play with your food. Sweetcheeks, don't hit. I'm sorry, WHAT?? Well then, take a bite. Are you finished? Well then EAT. Yes. No. (to Babyman) Another cracker? OK! (To other boys) Last bite!! Woo! Great job boys, thank you. Did you eat your snowpeas too? OK. Yes! Get it out. Whew.

The other evening I was sitting with the boys as they ate dinner. They'd already been at it for awhile, goofing off and enjoying themselves and maybe taking a bite once in awhile. (We have a problem with eternity mealtimes at our house.) Dinner had been going on long enough that I was no longer interested in silliness, I just needed them to FINISH. I suddenly became aware that I'd developed a severe case of "Mom Mouth". So, I embraced the moment: I recorded it for posterity! LOL. :)


Five Bears A-Blogging said...

Amazing how complusive we can get about other people's eating habits, isn't it? We've got the Eternal Dining Experience at our house, too. If I can get everyone to sit down and eat :)


Anonymous said...

My Father chose to live in a nursing home the last years of his life and this is something I noticed since I often would eat with him. Adult children would come & visit their parents during meal time & then rush them. They weren't really aware just how they were acting or that it had a rather nasty(sometimes) bent to it. So there is a daughter mouth as well.

Kit said...

@ Mo: In my defense, most of the meal passed in pleasant (if often silly) camaraderie. It was only after a long time that I began harping on them to finish up. :) They always have the choice of being finished, if they decide they are full.

@ Mary: I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. And that's so sad to think about "daughter mouth". It's bad enough when it's my kids; I hate to imagine doing that to my parents. :( I hope I can always be of a mindset that allows me to have patience with those who deserve it.