Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sick kid, and snow trip.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sick kid, and snow trip.
Current mood: sympathetic

Poor Littleman is sick again- can't keep anything down. He's miserable, and though he's a real little trooper about it, of course taking care of him is taking most of my attention these past couple days. Thank goodness Billy was available to help us all through the worst of it! Today I've been juggling Littleman's needs and a trip to the pediatrician with also taking care of Sweetcheeks and trying to keep up with the rapidly replensihing piles of dirty laundry.

Of course the worst initial vomit of this episode happened in the car, on a road trip, with sub-freezing temperatures outside. Not pretty. I guess this is the stuff that family reminiscences are made of! One day, we will tell this tale so we can shake our heads and laugh at our past misfortunes. Right now however, I just feel very, very sympathetic of my Littleman.

Before all this began however, we were all having a blast in the snow. Yes, my fellow Atlantans, snow! We finally decided that we will probably not get enough snow this year for Billy to take his boys sledding. (Looking like we may get no snow at all) Billy has been wanting to play in the snow with them every year, and it never quite works out. So this year, we decided we would go where the snow is- without flying, anyway. We went to Beech Mtn. NC, because the Chamber of Commerce there manufactures snow on a hill set aside for sledding. (That way, if we missed out on natural snow, we'd still get to sled). We had beautiful weather and frigid temperatures, and the boys all had a great time. (Littleman definitely enjoyed it more than Sweetcheeks though- a couple of sleds, and Sweetcheeks was ready to go warm up!)

Anyway I am very tired, and still have a few things to do before bed. I hope we all sleep well tonight. I will try to blog again soon, so I can write something more interesting. :)

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