Wednesday, February 7, 2007

egg salad, speechless and the things they say

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

egg salad, speechless and the things they say
Current mood: drained

I made some excellent egg salad tonight. It all started when I accidentally put honey mustard in rather than dijon. I just went with it, and based my seasonings on what I had going. Turned out quite delicious! Here's what I used, in order of most to least:
- hard boiled eggs, mashed up
- mayo
- honey mustard
- grated carrot
- sweet relish
- minced garlic
- lemon pepper
- dill
- coriander and cumin
- sea salt
If I'd had it, I might have added minced fresh celery or minced sweet onion.

I almost hesitate to mention this, but it still has me speechless. Yesterday morning this was said to me: "I just don't understand what you could possibly be doing all day." (This comment in relation to all the assorted housework chores that don't get done from day to day). Um, EXCUSE ME?? Really, I just don't know what else to say.
In their defense, the party in question has been helping out more the last couple days. But it's still awfully depressing. Sigh.

However much time they take, the boys do offer little rewards to keep me going. The things they say and do. . . for instance,
Driving along, we pass a motel. Littleman exclaims, "A hotel!!"
"Yes, that was a hotel." I agree.
He informs me, "A hotel is where you sleep if you're not camping."

He'd better be cute, when his favorite phrase right now (I think it even surpasses "Why" at this point) is "I don't want to". Repeat ad infinitum. AAAAARRRGGH!!

I just remembered that tomorrow morning is trash/recycling pick up, and I CANNOT forget to put it out tonight. So I'm going to do that right now. Let me know if you try the egg salad!

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