Wednesday, August 2, 2006

brief side trip

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

brief side trip
Current mood: busy

LOL, Sweetcheeks over there has just discovered that if he rocks the side of the playpen just right, it creaks in a most gratifying way. He is creak-creak-creaking it and giggling like crazy. :)

I think he made me forget what I was going to write about.

It is hot. HOT. Hot and muggy. Thank goodness for air conditioning, but I still think my head is heat-addled. Skedaddle. 'Twould be nice to cool my heels in a mountain stream right about now. Water so cold I lose sensation in my toes for a moment. The cool, sweet smell of wet leaves and fresh spring water. A light, warm breeze to set things off just right. Dappled shade, a dearth of mosquitoes and a comfortable rock to lean on. Ahh. Sounds good to me.

Guess I'll go do some laundry instead. :P Oh, well! :)

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