Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm back!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm back!
Current mood: lazy

Phew, OK so I disappeared for a little while- sorry 'bout that! That miserable cold took hold and didn't want to let us go- eventually we ALL got sick- it took pretty much all my "extra" time and energy to take care of everyone. Thank goodness no fevers though, and I think we are all now better or on the mend. So that's that (for now).

Took the boys to a playground yesterday (wonderful weather then- what happened today??) and let Littleman run amock for a couple hours. He really had a blast! Mr. Cheeks and I just enjoyed sitting in the sun. I had all sorts of stuff to do at home, but decided to make myself do the playground instead. I'm so glad I did! Not only was it good for Littleman, we all needed the fresh air and sunshine, and even though I wasn't getting exercise I felt so much better afterwards- more relaxed, a little happier and more clear-headed. It seems like any time I get in a rut and don't get outdoors enough, I always forget why I feel kind of crummy- then I get some Gaia-time and remember "OH!! Duh, I wasn't getting outdoors enough!" It's the elemental things in life.

I've just begun writing in a personal journal again. I got out of the habit (as usual) and I hope that despite all my responsibilities, between this blog and my journal I will write something every day. I think if I resolve that this is NOT a New Year's resolution, and I'm just resolving to do it this year but not impute official resolution status upon it, then maybe I will actually accomplish the goal (not resolution). :P

New moon is almost here. Wrap up loose ends, complete unfinished projects if you can. Clean house, clear mind and prepare to wax toward fullness again!

I thought I'd post what I'm listening to, but of course I can't post a radio show! H. Johnson rocks.

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