Sunday, January 22, 2006

On colds, burned toast, writing and taxes. . .

Saturday, January 21, 2006

On colds, burned toast, writing and taxes. . .
Current mood: sick

So, Littleman doesn't even make it to his 4th day at Montessori school before he gets sick. Poor kid is miserable, and joy of joys I am coming down with it now, too. I feel like shit. Thank god for breastmilk's antibodies, because so far (knock on wood) little Mr. Cheeks seems unscathed. We don't need any sick infants!

On a brighter note, Sweetcheeks only woke once last night to nurse. That was great! I did feel a little more rested this morning, and god knows I need it. I am rather pathetic in the field of mental capacity right now- tonight I wanted a piece of toast with butter, and I tried 3 times and burned my toast every time, because I simply do not have enough attention span to remember to take the toast out before it burns. ~sigh~ It was a real morale-booster, let me tell you. :/

At least I am really enjoying the book I am reading (in bits and pieces, when I have a sec but can't work on tax information)- it's called Bird By Bird, by Anne Lamott. It's about writing- I have had some stirrings of an inclination to write a children's book lately. I'm not sure where that little path will lead me, but I am keeping open to the idea for now. Not to make excuses or put up road blocks, but the sad truth is I really MUST meet my work obligations to organize tax information before I devote my limited time and brainpower toward a children's book. But concepts are percolating.

In the meantime I slog through the day, feeling more and more sick but drawing on unknown reserves of patience to take care of an even more sick and miserable toddler, and a blessedly happy little baby. When I'm not doing that I am organizing financial information that I have to send to the accountant for our taxes this year. **^$!! taxes. This is why we need to pass the Fair Tax Act. I'd reallyreallyreally like to see it enacted, and soon!!

No brilliant thoughts tonight (not that I ever seem to have any of those these days), I'm just typing what comes to mind. Now I have to do more laundry and find something for myself to eat for dinner. And maybe even go to bed.

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