Friday, January 7, 2011

River Rocks, Waterfalls and Joy

Last September, Billy and I took the boys up to Robbinsville, North Carolina for a simple, laid-back little getaway. No camping but nothing fancy, either.

The days were shining like new copper, early autumn sunlight pouring whiskey-golden through leaves still clinging to bright summer green.

We drove to the river, and climbed out on the rocks, draping ourselves over the sunniest places and trailing fingers or toes in the cold mountain water. We delighted in our plain little picnic and the joy of the moment together.

There was wading (that water was cold!), rock hunting, rock skipping and silliness aplenty.

After awhile we drove a little piece further down the road, to Bald River Falls.

It's a stunning spot, and popular with folks who like to stop for pictures.

We goofed off and climbed around. I felt relaxed, present, open and happy. I think everyone did. The sun soaked our tensions out and the water carried it away. Billy and I had especially needed something like this.

(see how great The Pirate's picture of us turned out?)
A renewal, a cleansing, a reconnection. Somehow all the right pieces fell together and that's just what this trip became.

After a long day we piled back into the van. We drove around a little to explore- you never know what interesting places you might find.

In fact, we found the "Hotel California" of campgrounds. Or at least, that was our impression of the place.

". . .Relax, said the night man, We are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!"
We had a good laugh, but still left in a hurry. ;)

As night came we stopped for dinner and fell into bed, looking forward to some hiking in the morning. It had been a fabulous day.


Sha Bish said...

Kit it sounds like a wonderful getaway and those are just stunning pictures. I love stuff like that and would love to share things like that with my family as well.

S said...

Sounds so peaceful. I love the way you write.

KaHolly said...

It LOOKED like a fabulous day! I love seeing those kids out there, enjoying nature and living it up. Such fun! ~karen

Kit said...

@Sha Y'all should absolutely come with us sometime! We'd LOVE to do a hiking and/or camping trip with the homeschool families!

@S Thank you. I truly appreciate that. :)

@KaHolly It was! I love that our boys enjoy the outdoors and are so comfortable doing active things in nature. It's important to Billy and me that we instill such a love in our children.