Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elephant Field Trip!

Have you ever pet an elephant before? I mean, a real, live 8,000 lb African elephant? Thanks to our homeschool group and one awesome mama (and her Dad), we have!

Last week I took the boys down to Zoo Atlanta. They'd never been before, and the last time I'd gone was when I was a little girl. Despite mobs of screaming school groups in the morning, we enjoyed strolling around to check out the animals. (And the crowds cleared out a bit by afternoon.)

(photo by The Pirate)

I brought The Pirate's camera as well as my own, and it was sure a lot of fun seeing things from his perspective. The animals were great but so was the company. We love our homeschool group!

(photo by G)

(photos by The Pirate)

(photo by G) * (photo by The Pirate)

(photos by The Pirate)

Before long it was time to meet up for our elephant experience! It was so cool to meet an elephant up close, to pet and feed her. The zookeepers were wonderful, keeping things calm and organized, answering questions and generally making this a really fun visit.

(photo by A)

One by one each child got to go up and pet the elephant.

(photo by A)
Littleman says she felt wrinkly and looked like dry brown paint. The Pirate thinks she felt like a hairy rock. They both say she felt weird. At first when I asked Babyman what the elephant felt like, he said "blue". But after explaining what I meant with my question, he thought about it and decided she felt like "just a elephant".

(photo by A)

After petting her side, each child stood back and offered a cracker, carrot or apple slices for the elephant to take with her trunk.

(photo by G)

(photo by A)

Everyone LOVED the elephant! Besides that, the Pirate's favorite things were the meerkats and the naked mole rats. Littleman's favorites were the giant pandas, flamingos and the lemurs. I think Babyman's favorites were the handwashing stations (just his size!) and feeding the birds in the parakeet room.
(last 7 pics, except the panda and the parakeets, are by The Pirate)

It was SUCH a great field trip! I hope we get to do it again. Thanks to everyone for making it so wonderful!


Five Bears A-Blogging said...

Awwww! Thanks for posting pix. I'm so glad it was as awesome as I had hoped, and that everyone had a great time! - Mo

S said...

Amazing! Thanks for posting pics. Very cool :)

Kit said...

Glad y'all enjoyed the pictures! I'm sorry you couldn't make the trip. Hopefully we'll do it again sometime with another great animal!