Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bella Sinclair Award

First of all, guess what brightened my evening last night? Well no, not that, though it was pretty nice. Oh yeah, and that was great too. . . but no. . . OK so a few little things brightened my evening last night! But I was especially pleased to visit Going to Graceland and discover that lovely Grace has gifted my blog with this lovely award:

Wow! What a happy surprise! Isn't it pretty?

All these blog awards come with instructions, and this one is no different: first of course I link back to the fun, inspiring and wonderful friend that bestowed this accolade upon me. Next I am to pass the love on to five deserving blogs. In the interest of not repeating ourselves, I won't include the other excellent blogs that Grace has already honored- please check them out. I don't actually read that many blogs, so I don't have a huge pool of contenders to choose from. Consequently, my regular readers may spot a couple sites here I have honored in the past- they are well worth revisiting! Without further ado, I award:

- Bird at The Birds in the Meadow. Her site includes an inspiring nature blog, plus a cool store where you can purchase her unique handcrafted jewelry and other creations. I love reading about her nature walks and other adventures- Bird's photos and descriptive style really make me feel like I am right there! I never miss a post.

- Kyddryn at Shade and Sweetwater. Her writing is sometimes funny, sometimes beautiful, poetic, enlightening, and entertaining. Plus lately, there's been plenty of gratuitous kitty cuteness to enjoy! Please consider sponsoring the adoption of Rook, a sweet (formerly feral) kitten. Click on the "tip jar" at the top right, and help pay for Rook's necessary vet visits. Every little bit helps. Thank you!

- Robin at Naked in Eden. Her posts make me think, and it's a refreshing mental exercise. ;) They encourage the sort of self-examination and wondering that is all too easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of being a Mom. I have often been surprised at the level of reflection to be found in the comments, as well- something about Robin's writing really seems to draw insightful thoughts from her readers. A wonderful mix of Nature and Philosophy.

- Alicia at A Magical Childhood. Look here for absolutely wonderful ways to have fun with your kids- that you can realistically handle in your day to day life! So many sites have inspiring crafts, games and other activities for kids, but they are often just too perfect, complicated, expensive or time-consuming to really be useful. Not at A Magical Childhood! Go find something silly and fun to do with your kids today!

- Amy and Sunshine at Rock Star Farms. Rock Star Farm is a very cool project started by a couple of friends, and I've only recently discovered, through Facebook, that they have a blog. Check out the videos on biodynamic farming- very interesting!

So I hope that this will provide you with some enjoyable blogsploring! Begone, and reap the fruits of these wonderful blogs.

(Thanks again, Grace!) :)


Kyddryn said...

Aww...thanks, sweetie! Rook is napping right now, or I'm sure she'd meow "thanks", too.

Shade and Sweetwater,

A Magical Childhood said...

Oh, what a lovely surprise! I know some of the blogs you mentioned but am looking forward to exploring the others for the first time. Thank you so much! :)

Robin Easton said...

Oh my word, you are SUCH a dear soul. I am honored to be included here not only because I hold you in very high regard, but also because what you wrote about me/my blog just stunned me and touched me to my core.

It's funny how one can just go through their days being ourselves, doing the best we can and not really think about it until someone reflects to us what they see in us. You have done that for me and it means a lot to me. It's something I will have to let sink in. :)) So thank you dear Kit; you are a gem. Hugs, Robin

PS I don't know how you feel about it but I would love to aad some of your comment about me to my testimonials page on my blog. It is so lovely what you wrote. If you don't feel good about this PLEASE do not feel pressured. Either way is fine. I sincerely mean that. :)

I look forward to checking out these other blogs. I know if you recommend they will be wonderful. Thank you.

Bird said...

Kit, I'm shamed to be picking this up so late... but no excuses :) What is important is that I thank you properly for this award, and not be hasty in doing so. I love reading here and so anything that comes from you to me is pretty special. I'm off and away on an adventure tomorrow morning so if you don't see this award on my Mantelpiece before then, be assured that it will be in September when I return! And as for passing it on... you know what a lousy rule breaker I am, but for sure I am going to find my own way of thanking the blogs I love.

Kit said...

@ Kyddryn: 'Course, dear! And I can't wait to meet Rook in person!

@ Alicia: You're very welcome! Enjoy your reading!

@ Robin: Aww, I'm so glad it makes you feel good! You're right about suddenly seeing ourselves reflected back from others- I'm so glad I was able to do that for you. Yes, of course you may use what I've said! I'll email you. :)

@ Bird: Oh, never worry about coming by late! I am chronically late- we all have stuff going on, you just pop over whenever you can, and don't trouble yourself if it's awhile. It sounds like a couple of wonderful adventures, by the way. . . I hope you're having a phenomenal time!