Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Backpack

This is my backpack.

This backpack joined my life back when I was in high school, lugging textbooks and art supplies through painted cinderblock halls in a suburb of Atlanta. I think I was 15? Anyway, it was a long time ago. This backpack went almost everywhere with me. It bore witness to love blossoming between Billy and me, even as it bore my belongings.

The spring break when I was 16, Billy and I were allowed to take a road trip to Charleston, SC to visit Billy's sister. It was a journey of magic, of discovery and delight. We had a blast, and one day while browsing the tourist shops I spotted an embroidered patch.

My inner girl scout had an inspiration: I should collect patches for all the cool places I went! I could sew them onto my trusty backpack. It would be like earning travel badges. What fun!

Not every place I went had patches, but over time I gathered quite a collection. Each one tells a story, or more often several stories. It occurred to me recently that I should write these stories down, before I forget. Also, it would be fun to share some of my older pictures here on this blog. So, as soon as I can figure out our scanner, I'll be writing posts about "The Backpack", and the stories it tells. I look forward to remembering! :)


Kenton and Rebecca Whitman said...

What a great idea! Backpacks are so magical in that they come with us and serve as our 'home' in distant places. It will be fun to hear what memories those patches bring back!

Kit said...

Welcome! Yes, I'm looking forward to it, too- the scanner hasn't yet cooperated, though. . . still trying to figure something out. I'll get it together soon! said...

Isle of Skye is where?

Bird said...

Wow, I wish I had a souvenir as wonderful - I feel quite wistful looking at this, there is no object in my life that records so much. My backpack is well loved but bland in comparison. If I'd been collecting patches as long as you have it would look fantastic by now but then, it isn't such an old friend as yours. Your backpack has probably seen some of the most significant events in your life and been around the world!

My swiss army knife with it's paint splodges, gouges and burn marks on the handle kind of had a similar functional yet sentimental vibe, and every mark on it held a memory. Then I lost it last summer, and I've pined for it since - can't even bear to replace the damn thing.

Kit said...

@ CassavaLeaf: The Isle of Skye is in Scotland. Gorgeous!

@ Bird: Oh Bird, I am so sorry to hear about losing your knife! It must be like losing an old friend. Yes, the patches are pretty great. There is a downside however, in that whatever one is sewing them too can quickly run out of room! I have so many patches we've collected that are scattered around the house, just waiting for a permanent home. I need to think of something to put them on!