Friday, May 8, 2009

Campout 2009! Edisto Beach, SC- Day 4

From Edisto Island Campout 2009

Day 4 of our campout on Edisto Island (see here and then here for days 1 - 3) dawned chilly again, but soon began to warm up. This was group picture day, so everyone slowly congregated as breakfasts were finished and cleaned up. My brother joined us to wait,

as did some sort of skink- an exciting discovery for all the kids!

It seems to be some type of Lined Skink- my guess is a Broadhead Skink, because it was so large.

Organizing the group picture is always a little like herding cats, but finally(!) we were all in place and our kind, patient fellow camper (a stranger before he was roped into being our photographer) took our commemorative picture. (To all of you in the photo: I haven't asked everyone's permission yet to post their picture, so if it bothers you, get over it I'm sorry! Just let me know and I can black you out.) ;)
See, I can do that to these people; they're family. :)
From Edisto Island Campout 2009

Once that was done, everyone scattered to get ready and head for the beach! We met there to hang out and play together as a group. There was a great deal of running and splashing to do,
From Edisto Island Campout 2009

From Edisto Island Campout 2009

kite flying,
From Edisto Island Campout 2009

and of course digging in the sand!
From Edisto Island Campout 2009

From Edisto Island Campout 2009

From Edisto Island Campout 2009

Babyman and Daddy had a nice long walk together along the beach while Daddy looked for shells.
From Edisto Island Campout 2009

Despite everyone's best efforts, the ocean of course came to reclaim her own,

and it was time to pack up and head out.

Billy and I carted the boys to camp for as fast a clean-up-dry-off-go-potty-change-clothes-getinthecar as we could muster, and we treated ourselves to dinner out at a seafood restaurant. Littleman was so exhausted, he could hardly keep his eyes open. . . but he was determined to eat all his shrimp and have ice cream for dessert.

He still had 2 shrimp left on his plate when I thought he'd gone to sleep, but then Billy heard Littleman mumble something.

Billy: "What?"
Littleman: mumble mumble
Billy: (leaning closer) "What, Littleman?"
Littleman: "Move my plate closer."

Well we cracked up over that one! He was too tired to reach for his shrimp or even lift his head, but by gosh he was going to finish eating anyway! And darned if he didn't eat all his shrimp and enjoy ice cream too, before laying down in his chair and going right to sleep at the table.

Heading out to the car, we witnessed a breathtaking night sky, with the full moon hung low over the rolling ocean waves. (I wish my camera were better able to deal with nightscapes. This was the best I could do, and it hardly approximates the dramatic panorama.) One more beautiful day finished!
From Edisto Island Campout 2009

(To read about Days 5 & 6, go here.)


Bird said...

Oh joy joy JOY! So fabulous that all your family were there! (I am reading backwards by the way, and haven't visited in a while so I have a lot of catching up to do).

We are not quite at the season of running into the sea here, still too cold, but those pictures are making me want the warm sea off the coast of Cornwall soooo much. Looks like you had a huge amount of fun.

Kit said...

Yes, it was GREAT! We'd had cold weather earlier in the week, so we were lucky that it warmed up just enough for us to be comfortable frolicking in the water that day.