Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here I am!

Well, as usual after I've neglected my poor blog for awhile, I'd first like to apologize for my lengthy absence. I'm sorry! I've just been busy- mainly, we had our big annual family campout- it was awesome. I'll tell you more about it later. Also, there were taxes due (ugh), and LAUNDRY, and a handful of other things. Plus, I've been enjoying Spring- I've just been doing more and blogging less. But I miss you all, so hopefully I won't be gone so much now. :)

Do you know how it is, when you finally get to talk to a good friend or family member that you've been out of touch with for awhile, and you find you don't know what to talk about? Those people you chat with all the time, well you could ramble on with them for hours. But with someone dear that you haven't kept up with, you just don't know where to begin? The scope of your experience, the catching up, has grown too vast to be distilled by words, and you're not sure what drops of the ocean would make the sweetest and most meaningful conversational libation. Well that's how I'm feeling now- what should I write about? What makes the cut??

* * *

Being that it's technically now Wednesday (Earth Day, as well!) I'll throw out a wordless wednesday pic for you, even though the "wordless" part is obviously out the window now. I'm tired. Hopefully I'll have a few tales (and more pictures!) for you soon. Good night!

Wordless Wednesday
From Edisto Island Campout 2009


Bird said...

Looking forward to reading your new adventures Kit, although I'll be off having more as from today so it'll be a while before I can pop in again! Living life is more important that blogging it :)

Lovely earth day pic... btw I LOVED your comment on my earth day post and added a long rambling comment to it. Anyhow, I have a train to catch and hair to wash (but not in that order) so must dash!

Kit said...

Looking forward to your next posts, as well! I am so behind on posting here- hopefully today I'll get to tell everyone about the Campout.

I love yoga, by the way. I'll be interested to hear about your experience!