Friday, September 19, 2008

Breezing by

First off, I'd like to announce that Babyman MIGHT be getting the right idea when it comes to sleeping at night. MIGHT. Maybe. I hope. He (and therefore I) have slept well the past two nights. Aaaaah. (I won't dwell on the fact that it's taken 10 MONTHS to get this far. . . No, I won't.) Combine that with the first handful of nice, cool days we've had this year and I am feeling quite sunny. :)

* * *

Babyman now has three teeth, and though he doesn't yet crawl in the typical, cross-crawling formation on hands and knees, he can drag himself around quite sufficiently. (It's pretty funny looking!) The other day he surprised me by using a sound effect while pretending to drive a toy car on my shirt. Just like his older brothers! And now, if you ask him if he is a doggy, he will gleefully hang his tongue out and pant like a dog. (LOL! I guess he picked that up from Gypsy and Gimli.) On the one hand I am always hoping for him to develop faster to make some things easier for me, but on the other hand I am amazed at how quickly it seems to go. Like watching paint dry while you sit inside a speeding rocketship.

* * *

I am in love with fall weather. Give me the first couple breezy, sunny cool days and my whole soul feels different. It's a remarkable (and sometimes much needed) attitude adjustment!

* * *

I'll close now because I want to ride my fall weather high (and had-enough-sleep energy level) for more productive pursuits. I'll leave you with a fun link:


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the change from summer to Autumn - usually :) But this summer has been such a wonderful one for me and not too hot either, so this seasons change feels...poignant. I'll settle down once the colours start showing :) Hope you both keep up the sound sleeping!

Anonymous said...

What a beatiful soul and site you have. You and your site radiate Life, vitality and wisdom. I like that. It's refreshing and free and it feels good!!!

The photos are beautiful and beyond precious. I felt like I knew you and had gone home.

Kit said...

Well bird, there is beauty and grace in poignancy too. Open up the void that summer leaves behind, and see what wonders come along to fill you.

Wow, robin, thank you! That is very sweet. I sometimes feel like my blog is a sad, ignored stepchild- a wealth of lost potential. I do what I can, for now. It makes me feel good that you have enjoyed what little I've been able to throw out there.