Sunday, April 9, 2006

well thank goodness for L.A. Story

Saturday, April 08, 2006

well thank goodness for L.A. Story
Current mood: nostalgic

OK, I have to say that although I ADORE my boys and I am really loving my mommy-job, I am getting just a bit burnt out. Whew. It's partly because Littleman is 2, and partly because everyone keeps getting sick, and partly because I'm still not getting much sleep, and partly because there's 2 of them and only one of me. But mainly because I've been giving it my all for over 2 years (over 3, counting pregnancy) and I'm just wearing a bit thin. I keep dreaming of vacations, and time spent sans-children, and time to meditate or to work on that quilt, or organize photos or shower or write or do yoga or read or cuddle my hubby or. . . to SLEEP! Etc. ;) Time spent NOT wiping runny noses or changing diapers or picking up toys or doing dishes or cleaning up cat vomit or waiting for a toddler to pee in the potty or doing laundry or. . . geez, where does my day go???

The funny thing is I started this blog feeling a bit disgruntled and longing for some adult time. . . but Billy came home early and put L.A. Story on the DVD player, and I love that movie- I'm so distracted now and I keep laughing out loud. So I think I'm going to go watch it and cuddle my hubby. :) A little mini-vacation. Damn the laundry.

edited to add- And what's with that "nostalgic" smiley above?? Does it look nostalgic to you?

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